New Glarus Thumbprint Series Wild Sour Ale

New Glarus is the Wisconsin brewery that we all wish was available in our home state.  For years they’ve been cranking out one hit after another with beers that run the style spectrum.  They offer amazing beers at a reasonable price with most everything they make seeing great distribution throughout the state.  Even special releases like the Thumbprint Series shows up in gas stations all over Wisconsin.  The current Thumbprint Series is the Wild Sour Ale and it delights like the rest from this brewery.

The Wild Sour Ale  was spontaneously fermented by wild yeast in the valley around New Glarus and after a year and a half it produced a wonderful wile sour beer.  Aged in oak casks, this brew has plenty of tartness with a great brown ale base.  Caramel and green apple and plum mingle together nicely.  This beer is great now and should be great to cellar for a few years.  With prices on a 4-pack of 12oz bottles around $9.99 and availability good, it’s a great idea to enjoy some now and cellar away as many as you can find for a further off day.

New Glarus continues to make wonderful brews for the state of Wisconsin and those that visit.  Look for the Thumbprint Wild Sour Ale if you can still find it around and enjoy a great Wisconsin wild sour.

New Glarus Wild Sour Ale