Full beer glass sitting next to a can of Modist Brewing Supra Rice Lager with Sea Salt & Lime sitting on a table.

When hot weather hits, you want something light, easy-drinking, and refreshing. It’s hard to beat a crisp rice lager for pure drinkability but Modist Brewing ups the game with an even more refreshing twist in Supra Rice Lager with Sea Salt & Lime.

Supra Rice Lager with Sea Salt & Lime

Supra is light, crisp, and refreshing and during the pandemic, Modist offered a couple of spins on this lovely lager. The addition of sea salt and lime brings visions of beaches and sunshine to this summer brew.

Light straw yellow liquid fills the glass and a fluffy white head forms atop. With time the bubbles settle and leave the glass coated in sticky layers of lacing.

Crisp light lager fills the nose with notes of lime and a touch of sulfur. There’s a light sweetness there and a touch of breadiness.

Lovely light malt tingles the tongue with a touch of sweet malt. There’s a nice saltiness before a squeeze of lime drops in. The lime lasts into the aftertaste with nice citrus zest.

Lounging Lager

The favorite Supra infusion of last year, it’s awesome to see this beer return and take a run in cans. It’s the perfect hot weather relief that’ll cut the heat.

Snag a 4-pack of Supra Rice Lager with Sea Salt & Lime and head out to enjoy some hot-weather fun.