Modist Brewing Pineapple & Vanilla Dreamyard

Modist Brewing Dreamyard hazy IPA is one of my favorites. So smooth and filled with fruity hop hits, it’s a true gem and one that I go to when I’m at my favorite bar, more than anything else. Modist took this tasty treat and amped it up with fruit and bean additions. Modist Brewing Pineapple & Vanilla Dreamyard is a stellar take on Midwest haze.

Pineapple & Vanilla Dreamyard

Most hazy IPAs pack a fruity flavor without much in the way of hop bitterness. Dreamyard certainly checks those boxes, with deep fruit flavors and silky smooth body from a base of only oats and wheat. Modist Brewing took that wonderful beginning and added more fruitiness and creaminess with Pineapple & Vanilla Dreamyard.

It pours a deep golden color, reminiscent of ripe pineapple juice. A bubbly white head sits atop and slowly settles, leaving no lace in its wake.

Huge juicy fresh pineapple aroma with wonderful sweetness, citrus, and smooth creamy vanilla. The nose is wonderful and leaves one sniffing it for far too long before they realize, “I should actually drink this.”

The flavor is overwhelming. I’m a HUGE Dreamyard fan but this is to the next-level. Sweet ripe pineapple tramples across the tongue, before the fruity hazy hops let you know that Dreamyard is still there. The standard beer is smooth as-is but this takes it up a notch, with creamy vanilla beans rounding out the sweetness, and sticking on the tongue into the aftertaste.


Too often, fruit additions overpower the base brew. That’s certainly not the case with Modist Brewing Pineapple & Vanilla Dreamyard. The wonderful hazy IPA shines through, and is only highlighted by pleasant pineapple and creamy vanilla bean bliss.

Look for crowlers of Pineapple & Vanilla Dreamyard from Modist Brewing on occasion right now. It’s tasty tropical tastiness.