Glass filled with beer sitting next to a can of Modist Brewing Invisible String Strawberry Rhubarb Lager.

Summertime suds just hit differently. Lager is kind when the sun is shining but it tends to see the refreshing fruit additions so common in ales. Modist Brewing bucks that trend by crafting a killer summer treat with Invisible String, a lager brewed with Pilsner malt, milk sugar, marshmallow, strawberry, rhubarb, & Madagascar vanilla beans.

Invisible String

We love lagers Anytime but they’re awesome in the heat of the day. Generally lighter in body than their ale cousins, it’s a great spot to showcase fruit and other additions. Modist Brewing creates an awesome mix of strawberry rhubarb solution with Invisible String.

It pours a brilliant deep red, with a frothy white head forming above. The foam settles a bit with time and leaves wispy lacing on the walls of the snifter.

Sniff in all the wonderful sweet strawberry and rhubarb aroma. Big fresh fruit fills the nose.

Smooth sweet malt slides across the tongue and brings with it a sweet strawberry flavor. Milk sugar gives it a creamy mouthfeel, with the marshmallow and vanilla beans adding to it and rounding things out nicely.

Rhubarb tartness hits late and dries things out nicely. Then it’s strawberries and cream into the aftertaste.

Creamy Craft Lager

This is luscious summertime lager action. Sweet and tart but still highly crushable. The sweetness is nice isn’t too much that you just want to one and done this lovely lager.

Grab a 4-pack of Modist Invisible String Strawberry Rhubarb Lager and head out to enjoy the summer heat with this wonderful fruity fun.