Snifter glass of beer sitting next to a bottle of Modist Brewing Innocence & Decadence Red Velvet Cake Imperial Red.

The makers at Modist Brewing are masterful at crafting creative creations. So when it comes to putting a cake in a glass they went next level. Innocence & Decadence is a slice of red velvet cake in a glass.

Innocence & Decadence

Pastry stouts are the rage but there are plenty of other beer styles that make a better match for certain desserts. Modist shows imperial red ale is the perfect platform for pairing with red velvet cake.

Made with Red X malt, Pilsner malt, milk sugar, Ghana cocoa nibs, cream cheese, and Madagascar vanilla beans, Innocence & Decadence certainly sounds like a recipe for red velvet cake.

It pours a deep crimson red with a small off-white head that disappears almost immediately. A bit of adjunct specked the sides of the glass where the foam once had formed.

It really smells like cake. Sweet vanilla, cream cheese frosting, cocoa, and sweet warm red malt fill the nose. This aroma is so awesome that one gets distracted from taking a taste.

Holy crap is this full of flavor. Warm red malt floods the mouth and is quickly followed by huge cream cheese with milk sugar enhancing the creaminess. Sweet vanilla beans wrap cocoa nibs and the sweetness continues into the aftertaste.

This thing really is a glass of cake. Despite the huge flavor, the body isn’t insane and it sips easily. There’s no indication of the 13% ABV other than the fact that such alcohol levels have to be present to support such huge sweetness.

Have Your Cake & Drink It Too

Modist really captures this cake in liquid form. It’s decadent, sweet, and complex with layers of flavor filling the nose and flooding the tastebuds.

Innocence & Decadence is a truly phenomenally cake created in craft beer. It hits all the right notes and leaves one tasting like they’ve eaten bite after bite of this delicious dessert.