Modist Brewing Embrace The Void Peanut Butter Imperial Stout

Peanut butter brews have become a thing, but most seem to overdo the sweet part. They’re tasty, but you can only handle a couple ounces before joining Wilford Brimely. Modist Brewing Embrace The Void Peanut Butter Imperial Stout kicks you with all the flavor, without the deathly sugar dose.

Embrace The Void

Peanut butter is delicious, but straight peanut butter in a beer brings the oils that kill head retention and causes other issues. For this reason, most brewers use peanut butter powder. This adds the peanut butter flavor we want, but lacks the sugar sweetness most peanut butter includes. To offset this, brewers frequently add so much sweetness that these drinks are a diabetic shock of sugar. Modist Brewing Embrace The Void offers big peanut butter and chocolate taste, without the sweetness that stops you at a 4oz glass.

It pours jet-black, with just a small bit of deep brown froth atop. The foam settles fairly quickly, and no lacing to be found.

There’s a wonderful nose of bitter and milk chocolate. A touch of coffee and cocoa powder. Hint of roasted peanuts and just a touch of creamy vanilla.

This brew has a super thick and silky smooth body. Piles of milk chocolate slide across the tongue, with creamy peanut butter following. Just a touch of caramel and hint of coffee. Like a melted peanut butter cup in a glass, it’s drinkable dessert. No sign of the 11% ABV to be found. It drinks big, but without alcohol burn and still wonderful to sip glass after glass.

Peanut Butter Stout Knockout

There are a couple peanut butter beers that Minnesotans go crazy for, but honestly, they’re sugar bombs that can only be tolerated in small samples. Modist Brewing and a few others make peanut butter badassery that drinks delightfully, without the sugar coma. Embrace The Void peanut butter imperial stout is delicious drinking start to finish.

Embrace Mostist Brewing Embracing The Void and peanut butter pleasure.