Modist Brewing Dreamyard

These days, everyone is making hazy IPAs. The problem is, most don’t make them well. That’s certainly not the case at Modist Brewing, where they’ve created tons of tasty hazy brews since their birth. Modist Brewing Dreamyard is their flagship hazy IPA, and for good reason. It’s fantastic.

Dreamyard New England IPA

I’ll be honest, Dreamyard is one of my favorite beers. I drink a ton of the stuff and it’s my go-to brew when I’m at my favorite bar. It embodies the things a NE IPA should be and is highly-available around the Twin Cities area. Modist Brewing made hazy happiness here.

It pours a deep golden haze, with a bubbly white head atop the brew. With time the bubbles settle and leave a good bit of lacing on the walls of the snifter as you sip.

Huge juicy fruit aroma, with tons of ripe crushed pineapple, soft mango, and sweet grapefruit nuzzling the nose.

That big juiciness continues through in the flavor. Tons of tropical fruit. Sweet pineapple, a touch of papaya, juicy mango, and a hint of bubblegum in there too. Citra and Sultana bring big hop flavor, without the bitterness.

With a malt bill made entirely of oats and wheat, this thing is super smooth. This mixture would gum things up for most brewers but Modist has a unique brewing system that lets them make beers with nearly anything they like.

Get Hazed

The haze craze has certainly blown up and it seems everyone is offering a hazy IPA or two these days. But only a small number of them are doing them really well. Modist Dreamyard is spot-on for the style, showcasing smooth mouthfeel, and tons of fruity hops, without the bite.

Damn, I love Dreamyard.