Glass filled with Modist Brewing Day Of Another Dream and two cans of the beer.

What happens when they take hour favorite hazy IPA but make it west coast style? Modist Brewing Day Of Another Dream is what would happen if Dreamyard wasn’t hazy.

Day Of Another Dream

Like its hazy brother, Day Of Another Dream is brewed with oats and wheat malt, then hopped and dry-hopped with Citra, Cryo Citra & Sultana. How is it without the haze?

Clear not cloudy, the brew pours a light golden color, with a fine white foamy head. As the foam settles and you sip, the walls of the glass are coated in layers of lovely lacing.

It smells clean and fruity, filled with tropical notes and a touch of dankness.

Sip it in and enjoy the tropical tastes of apricot and light mango. It’s nicely balanced with a nice medium malt sweetness. Clean finish, with a fruity note and touch of sweetness.

Dream On

Though the original is certainly the preferred version, it’s very cool to see what a well-known NE IPA is like without the haze.

Modist Brewing is always brewing up something fun and Day Of Another Dream is a great variant of their delicious Dreamyard NE IPA. Dream on.