Modist Brewing Bite Sized Irish Cream

Pastry stouts are so big and full of flavor, but they’re also ass-kickers. Modist Brewing created Bite Sized Chocolate and Vanilla Stout, which offers the crazy big flavor without the insane alcohol that you often see with pastry stouts. Modist Brewing made a drinkable dabbler and now they’ve imparted it with Irish Cream action. Limited edition Modist Brewing Irish Cream Bite Sized is wonderful infused action.

Bite Sized Irish Cream

Looks are always deceiving. This one looks dark and big, and while the flavor is, the body isn’t. Tons of tastiness that one would look for in a pastry stout, without the +12% ABV most demand. It’s one of the reasons that Bite Size has created its own place. This Irish Cream action is awesome. Here’s why.

It pours a deep silky black, with just a small bubbly deep brown head. It quickly settles and leaves no lacing on the glass, due to plenty of oily bits.

Milk chocolate up in front and chocolate mint right behind too. So smooth and unassuming, with notes of cream and a touch of whiskey in the far far distance.

Take a taste and it’s really like drinking milk chocolate. It slides across the tongue, with just a light sweetness, and easy-going body for a stout. It’s one of chocolate, and a touch of vanilla. Irish Creme booze balance with it. It’s not like you’re hitting the bottle, but it’s clearly there. The Irish portion jumps in front of the rest, and is so smooth. It’s huge flavored, while being balanced between.

The Luck Of The Irish

We see plenty of pastry stouts these days, but few get overly creative outside the standard norms of stuffing them full of shit and alcohol. Modist Brewing does much more with their Bite Sized Irish Cream. Imparting delicate and delicious flavors atop their chocolate and vanilla pastry stout, that’s not oversized (some might say, Bite Sized).

Grab a crowler of Bite Sized Irish Cream from the Modist Brewing taproom and enjoy Irish Cream in a beer glass, rather than a shot-glass.