A glass of At The Center Of Everything on the bar at Modist Brewing.

What’s At The Center Of Everything? Is it beer? In this case, it is. Modist Brewing brewed up a huge milk stout and then hit it with a truck-load of coconut after it spent months in bourbon barrels. How’d it turn out? Here’s a look.

At The Center Of Everything

A lot went into this brew. It’s a bourbon barrel-aged triple coconut imperial milk stout made with Pilsner malt, Golden Promise malt, malted wheat, chocolate malt, roasted wheat malts & milk sugar. It’s then been aged for 14 months in 8 year Elijah Craig Bourbon barrels then conditioned on a massive amount of coconut, caramelized coconut, and toasted coconut.

It pours a thick viscous black, with a small brown head that fades quickly. There’s a bit of oily liquid left on the walls of the glass after each sip, thanks to the huge coconut infusion this brew took. The bourbon notes come out more and more as the beer warms.

Huge coconut fills the nose with notes of vanilla and cream. There’s a wonderful milk chocolate aroma and just a touch of bourbon sweetness in the mix.

Silky smooth liquid slides across the tongue and coats the entire mouth in rich oily deliciousness. Roasty and toasty coconut cut the sweetness of the rich milk chocolate. It’s sweet upfront but dries out nicely as you head into the aftertaste, where the bourbon barrels make themselves known, with a nice touch of sweet bourbon.

At 14%, this beer is big. But despite the big mouthfeel and flavor, there’s no hint of the alcohol that accompanies it. It drinks easily for its size and it’s delicious for every drink.

Coconut In The Center

Coconut is key here, showcases in a fantastic way. The balance between huge coconut, smooth milk stout, and bourbon barrel-aging, it’s spectacular. Big and beautiful, overflowing with flavor. It’s awesome stuff.

Pop into the Modist Brewing taproom now and enjoy this wonderful beverage on tap. Grab a bottle if they’re still available. Get to the center of it.

Bottle of Modist Brewing At The Center Of Everything laying on a wood table.