Glass filled with dark beer next to a can of Lululin Brewing Vanilla Dreams.

Chocolate and vanilla are posh pairs. Lupulin Brewing turns up the two with Vanilla Dreams. How’s this combo come together? Find out.

Vanilla Dreams

The brewers at Lupulin are awesome at crafting imperial stouts that are huge on flavor but don’t overshadow with too much sweetness or crushing levels of ABV. Vanilla Dreams is another example of their ability to allow the intricacies of the imperial stout to shine, without killing the drinker in the process.

Matte black with a small fizzy medium brown head that bubbles away quickly and leaves no lace on the glass.

It smells of roasted malt, a touch of light toffee, a hint of coffee, oak, and sweet vanilla.

Big malty notes of chocolate fudge, light coffee, cocoa beans, a touch of oak tannins, and then creamy vanilla into the aftertaste. The 10% ABV isn’t apparent and it drinks more like a big standard stout than an imperial.


Lupulin beautifully blends imperial stout with vanilla beans for a creamy chocolate creation. It’s full of flavor and deliciously drinkable.

Grab some Vanilla Dreams and space out while you daydream on this wonderful imperial stout action.