Lupulin Brewing Sexy Hops - Talus

What’s hot in the world of hops? Citra and Strata are now staples but there’s always room for a new fruit of the bine. Lupulin Brewing Sexy Hops is a series of single-hopped beers that features the newest varieties, so we can see what may be coming to our lupulin-filled lovelies. Sexy Hops – Talus is the latest in this line.

Sexy Hops – Talus

Experimentation has had a huge influence on the evolution of craft beer. Hops are one of the most highly experimental areas we see lately, and the folks at Lupulin Brewing continue to crust it with their Sexy Hops series. Featuring new and unknown hop varieties, there’s always something interesting on the horizon. Talus is the latest in this line.

It pours a deep colored copper, with a foamy head of slightly off-white bubbles atop. This settles, to leave lingering lace attached to the walls of the snifter.

Inhale deeply and your nose is filled with fruity notes of citrus and tropical temptations. Apricot, stone fruit, bubble gum, guava, grapefruit, and a lingering note of sage and mint.

Medium malt body and just a touch of sweetness upfront, quickly followed up by a swell of citrus. Soft grapefruit, tropical fruit flavors, non-acidic grapefruit, and a touch of herbal in the aftertaste.

It would seem that Talus could be a new one to watch out for. From the hop creators that brought you Sabro, Mosaic, and Citra, this one may become a crowd favorite, as more breweries feature it in their brews.

Tasting Talus

Always interesting to investigate new hop offerings. Sexy Hops – Talus is a very cool mixture of citrus sweetness, a hint of dankness, tropical touches, and herbal hits. Lupulin Brewing continues to intrigue with its ongoing offerings in the Sexy Hops series.

Grab a couple of cans of Lupulin Brewing Sexy Hops – Talus and explore for yourself. Single-hopped happiness has so much to investigate, as the Sexy Hops series continues.