Lupulin Brewing Imperial Raspberry Truffle

Drinking your dessert is far better than eating it. Lupulin Brewing has you covered with their Imperial Truffle mixed 4-pack. The best of the bunch, Imperial Raspberry Truffle is delicious dessert in a glass. Here’s why you’ll want it after every meal.

Imperial Raspberry Truffle

There’s so much that can be done with the imperial truffle base, and Lupulin showcases that in their mixed 4-pack. Of the four, Raspberry shines as a standout amongst the other delicious offerings. But like all desserts, maybe you should have more than one.

Pouring a deep black, a thick head of medium brown foam forms atop and sticks around even after the drinking begins.

Rich raspberry aroma with notes of chocolate, light coffee, and roasted malt. It smells delicious and one wants to continue sitting there, inhaling those wonderful smell, but it’s drinking time.

Smooth and silky chocolate malt up front slides into light roast with a hint of bitterness and a touch of coffee, before raspberry and chocolate ride out the aftertaste. Wonderful easy drinking dessert in a glass. Sweet upfront, but dry in the finish, it’s a tasty one.

Truffle Time

Dessert beers are awesome, but some can get sickeningly sweet quick. Lupulin Brewing avoids that in their truffle series, balancing big sweet malt and adjunct flavors, without being overly-sweet. Imperial Raspberry Truffle is wonderful treat that’ll leaving you wanting seconds.

Seek out the Lupulin Brewing Imperial Truffle mixed 4-pack and enjoy four variations of wonderful dark brew.