Lupulin Brewing Fruitsmack IPA Strawberry & Raspberry

Anyone can throw a ton of fruit in and call it a beer but it takes talent to make something that tastes like beer, while also bringing big flavor from real fruit. The Fruitsmack IPA series from Lupulin Brewing has done just that, packing hop hit, along with tons of real-fruit action. Fruitsmack IPA Strawberry & Raspberry is the latest in the lineup and a wonderful burst of berry flavor.

Fruitsmack IPA Strawberry & Raspberry

It seems the majority of fruity-heavy IPAs use lactose to add a creamy mouthfeel and impart the “milkshake” portion we commonly see. But not Lupulin Brewing Fruitsmack IPA. They do the delicious big-berry brew, while remaining friendly of those that are lactose-intolerant.

It pours a hazy matte copper with a touch of red tinge common in highly-fruited brews. A bubbly white head forms and then settles, leaving just a bit of lacing on the walls of the glass.

Creamy aromas of strawberry with a nice sweetness, and then a bit of raspberry coming in. Though they don’t use any lactose, there is a nice sweet creaminess to the nose like one would find with such an addition, and then just a touch of vanilla bean.

Smooth malt slides across the tongue and quickly delivers a big hit of strawberry fruit flavor. Fresh and abundant, it gives way to raspberry on the end, and a creamy mouthfeel. Just a dash of vanilla rounds it all out.

Fruity Fun

Lupulin Brewing packs a big punch of fruit into Fruitsmack IPA Strawberry & Raspberry, with over 1000lbs of strawberries and 250lbs of raspberries in this fruity libation. It’s got a ton of real-fruit flavor, without becoming sickeningly sweet.

Catch cans of this berry bomb and take a delicious smack in the mouth from Fruitsmack IPA Strawberry & Raspberry.