Lupulin Brewing Fashion Mullet

Before the haze craze, West Coast IPAs ruled the scene. Their big bitter hop character was king, until hazy IPA crashed in with tons of tropical flavor, minus the bite and bitterness. Why can’t we have both? Lupulin Brewing Fashion Mullet does just that, marrying East and West Coast hop styles. Here’s how the ceremony went down.

Fashion Mullet

These transformative IPA styles couldn’t be more different, but they can work together, as Lupulin Brewing shows with Fashion Mullet. Both bits shine at different times and work together in harmony.

It pours a deep golden color with plenty of haze to it. A bubbly white head sits atop before settling and leaving lots of lacing on the walls of the glass.

Citrus up front in the nose, as the Citra hops come through, with notes of tropical fruit. Simcoe then steals the show, with dank pine and bitter grapefruit character.

The juxtaposition continues in the taste, where grapefruit and other bitter citrus come through upfront, with undertones of tropical fruit from the East Coast piece. There’s a touch of pine bitterness and dank notes from the West Coast, before going out on a juicy and smooth mouthfeel one would expect from the East.

East Coast, West Coast

While hazy IPAs continue to grow in popularity, there’s still a place in our hearts for the big bitterness of the West Coast IPA style. Lupulin Brewing shows that both can have their place in a single brew with Fashion Mullet IPA.

Grab a 4-pack of this business/pleasure combo from your local liquor store and celebrate the best of both IPA worlds.