Can of Junkyard Brewing Grandpa Bill's Pils next to a glass of beer.

I never met my great-grandparents. While my mom’s side was there when I was born, they all passed too early before I was old enough to remember. But I do have amazing memories of my grandparents. My dad’s dad, Jim, was a Hamm’s guy and we toasted it on Lake Minnetonka after spreading his ashes some years ago. Grandpa’s dad was named Bill, so this beer, Grandpa Bill’s Pils from Junkyard Brewing, has a special connection. Here’s how it is.

Grandpa Bill’s Pils

Junkyard recently started canning in 16oz, after years of crowlers distributed around the state. With that change, we certainly hope to see even more Junkyard Brewing beers on shelves around the Twin Cities and far beyond in the coming months.

It pours a brilliant clear golden-yellow with a big frothy white head atop. The foam eventually settles, leaving a ring around the edge of the glass and the walls speckled with dabs of lacing.

Brilliant light malt sweetness and wonderful grassy hops mix with floral fruit. Just a hint of sweet lemon and citrus.

A lightly sweet malt body has nice light bready notes. The double dry-hopping comes in with wonderful fruit flavors. Sweet citrus and a touch of dankness in there. Light sweetness on the aftertaste and great light dryness in the finish.

Just Like Grandpa Liked

Today’s double dry-hopped IPAs and pastry stouts can be a bit much for us but imagine how German folks two generations ago would have experienced them. My dad’s Grandpa Bill would have loved this pilsner. It brings old-school pilsner action with modern dry-hopped character. Easy drinking but full-flavored. It’s both old and new.

Grab a 4-pack of Junkyard Brewing Grandpa Bill’s Pils and enjoy a couple with family. It’s a wonderful drink to have while learning about family legacy.

A can of Junkyard Brewing Grandpa Bill's Pils Dry-Hopped Pilsner Style Lager.