Indeed Brewing Sweet Yamma Jamma

Autumn has come and brought with it plenty of seasonal brews we all love and look forward to each year. The fresh hopped ales, Oktoberfests, and pumpkin ales all come out this time of year. Indeed Brewing is the newest production brewery with taproom in the Twin Cities. They’re offering unique brews and their autumn brews are no different. Plenty of breweries have a pumpkin beer out right now but how about a sweet potato brew? Indeed Brewing Sweet Yamma Jamma has similarities to a pumpkin beer but is made with sweet potatoes.

Yamma Jamma is much like a pumpkin brew but with a lighter flavor and less spice than your typical pumpkin brew. Its nice and drinkable in a way most pumpkin beers aren’t with their big doses of spice. You can enjoy a couple pints of Yamma Jamma without overwhelming yourself.

Available on tap at bars around the Twin Cities, seek out this one while it’s available. It’s also on tap in taproom at Indeed Brewing and be sure to see if they have it on nitro pour while you’re in there. Great local beer is best enjoyed as close to the source as possible and in the brewery’s own taproom is about as fresh as you can get.