Bottle and glass of beer filled with Indeed Brewing Rum King from 2015.

Rum King was Indeed Brewing’s yearly big barrel-aged release. Sadly, the king has been retired now but there’s still some living in our cellars. At nearly 6 years of age, it seemed about time to pop one of these bottles and see if the king is still reigning. Here’s how Indeed Rum King 2015 is holding up.

Rum King 2015

The bottle pours a viscous black that allows no light to penetrate. Tight bubbles of deep brown form atop and with time settle to leave a small cap of brown foam and remain just a little clung to the walls of the glass.

Rum and chocolate in the nose upfront. Light toffee and a touch of caramel too. Then a note of oxidation. A bit of sour cherry. Not surprising from a beer this old.

Sip in and smooth malt rolls across the tongue. While it feels thick upfront, the mouthfeel is far thinner. Light cocoa, a touch of caramel, and then a light rum note. The oxidation isn’t as prevalent in the flavor, with just a small touch of light wet cardboard.

This beer was beautiful when first released. After a year or two, it was still drinking wonderfully. With over 5 years of age, it’s past prime time, though that’s not unexpected. We take a chance any time we age beer and it’s generally best enjoyed fresh. Though not bad, it would have been far better a couple of years ago.

Bring The Crown

Indeed Brewing Rum King has always been a delightful dark drink, balanced between deep malty flavors and rocking rum notes. Always a great yearly visitor, it’s sad that like this bottle, it’s now gone.

If you’ve got any Rum King rolling around in your cellar it’s time to enjoy it. Raise a glass to the king.