Great Divide Brewing Yeti Imperial Stout

With the cool weather coming, it’s time to look towards the bigger brews that’ll keep you warm through the winter freeze.  Imperial stouts fit that bill perfectly.  Lots of big names hit the market along with the colder weather but there are also plenty of fantastic year-round, highly available, imperial stouts to satisfy that craving any time.  Great Divide Brewing Yeti Imperial Stout is a wonderful brew that can stand up there with the big guys and warm the palate and body any time of year.

Big roasty malt flavor with plenty of rich caramel and toffee in both the aroma and flavor.  A good sized dose of hop character thanks to plenty of American hops.  This brew weights in with a hefty 75IBUs and the alcohol warms at 9.5% ABV.

In recent years Great Divide has begun offering Yeti and other big brews in smaller format 12oz bottles to complement the 22oz bombers that have long been available.  The smaller format means you don’t have to spend an entire night drinking a single beer or get a friend to help you finish a bottle off.  It also makes it easier to cellar.  Now you can have several bottles put away to try at different times rather than just a single 22oz bottle thats one and done.

Great Divide Brewing Yeti Imperial Stout is a great brew that can compete with the big name imperial stouts but doesn’t have the super-limited availability or require a trip across country (or a ball busting trade) to acquire.  It doesn’t break the bank either with a 4-pack being available for around $10.  While people go crazy for those limited release beers, they often forget that wonderful beers like Yeti are right up there with them and can be had any time of the year.  Like those limited release beers, Yeti is wonderful fresh but also ages wonderfully in the cellar for a year or two.

Next time you’re in the liquor store looking for something to enjoy on a nice night around the house, don’t pass up the year-round greats we often glance over in favor of seasonal brews.  Grab a Great Divide Yeti Imperial Stout and enjoy a great imperial stout that doesn’t require you to empty your entire wallet or wait in line for hours at some far flung brewery out of state.