Glass filled with beer sitting next to a bottle of Funk Factory Geuzeria Cervino Chardonnay 2016 on a table.

While craft beer fans often choose to distance themselves and their drink from wine and those that enjoy it, there’s often much in common between the two. Nowhere is that more true than with wild beers, especially when they’re designed to be much like white wine and then aged in wine barrels. Funk Factory Geuzeria did just that with Cervino Chardonnay 2016.

Cervino Chardonnay 2016

The folks at Funk Factory Geuzeria are well known for their amazing wild and sour beers. They take natural and spontaneous fermentation seriously, and it shows in the amazing ales they craft. With Cervino they looked to capture much of the essence of Chardonnay in the beer. They certainly succeeded.

It pours a slightly hazy golden yellow straw. Bubbles form for only a split second and are gone with no sign of their previous existence. The beer appears almost still.

Rich Chardonnay notes of fruit, oak, and a hint of sweet green apple. Certainly a funk in the nose, with a bit of grassiness.

Smooth and medium malt body at first sip, it’s a bit like lightly carbonated Chardonnay. Mellow fruit, white grape, and crisp. There’s a note of white oak and then a light hit of sour pucker and just a dash of funk. It drinks almost like a soured cider. The aftertaste is briefly buttery (white wine buttery, not diacetyl buttery) and then dries and wraps cleanly.

No Whining

Funky brews are a great spot to spotlight similarities between beer and wine. They can be delicate, fruity, flavorful, and far more. Funk Factory Geuzeria Cervino Chardonnay 2016 aged wonderfully and still exhibits all the delicious and delicate tastes of a beautiful bottle of Chardonnay. It drinks so easily, yet offers wonderfully complex flavors.

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