Can of Fulton Brewing Band Together India Pale Ale laying on the body of an acoustic guitar.

With so many businesses shut down due to the global pandemic, few were hit harder than independent venues. While others were able to adapt and offer things like carry-out or limited contact experiences, such options simply weren’t available to music and movie venues. These are places that people come together and enjoy the shared experience but sadly they’ve been shut down for more than a year now.

If we want our awesome independent venues to survive we need to act now. The Minnesota Independent Venue Alliance (MNIVA) is working to Save Our Stages with the launch of their #SaveMNStages campaign. Fulton Brewing has created Band Together India Pale Ale to support the cause and you can help out just by drinking it.

Band Together

In support of their ongoing efforts to preserve and nurture the independent venues and promoters throughout Minnesota, a portion of the proceeds from Band Together India Pale Ale will go to support the wonderful work that MNVIA is doing.

It pours a clear golden straw with a foamy white head forming on top. It takes a good amount of time for the foam to settle and it leaves a bit of lacing on the walls of the glass as it does.

Fruity notes of grapefruit, citrus zest, a hint of pine, and sweet caramel malt fill the nose.

Warm caramel malt fills the mouth and brings a nice sweetness which the hops balance with fruity flavors. Soft and sweet citrus swells with grapefruit and orange notes. There’s a touch of dankness and then things dry nicely as the citrus hangs a bit into the aftertaste.

At 5.7% ABV and 45 IBUs, it’s perfect for putting back during a live show or while watching sweet cinema.

Save Our Independent Venues

Our amazing independent venues need our help. Please donate to them if you can or support them by buying tickets, merch, and more. And of course, support them by drinking Fulton Band Together IPA.

Look for Band Together at your favorite independent venue or liquor store and drink to a great cause.

Learn more about how you can help #SaveMNStages by visiting

A pint filled with Fulton Brewing Band Together India Pale Ale and a can of it next to the glass.