Full Sail does some great stuff and their Brewmaster Reserve series has not only produced some fantastic beer but at $4.99 for a bomber, it’s a huge bargain.  Some of the Brewmaster Reserve beers weigh in well over 8% ABV.  You’d be hard pressed to find a better deal on a high alcohol beer than this series.  The Full Sail Bump In The Night black IPA is no exception. Great hoppy black IPA with plenty of citrus hops along with plenty of roasty dark malt minus the burnt bitterness.

Some seem to be set on debating the whole black IPA vs Cascadian dark ale name until the hops wither and die and the beer goes sour.  Not myself.  Call it what you want, I’m busy drinking instead (although I tend towards black IPA).  Does what we call it or what a brewer chooses to call their beer really make a difference?  Does it suddenly taste different or become more authentic with a simple change of the name?  Why bother wasting time arguing about the name when we could be spending that time enjoying some wonderful brews and talking about much more important things.  Like what we’re going to drink next.