Town Hall Brewery Juggernaut Brat

Looking for something tasty for a quick bite along with some great brews?  The Juggernaut Brat is a custom made brat from the Seward Co-Op in Minneapolis made using Town Hall Brewery beer and featured on Town Hall’s current daily specials menu.  The Juggernaut comes with sauerkraut, pickled relish, and swish cheese on a poppyseed bun.  The current batch of brats offers a little bit of a spicy kick which was very nice.  At $6, it’s a nice option for those looking for a little something to fill them up without getting a full meal.  I’d previously tried the Chili Brat which was piled high with chili and another great option for quick eats at Town Hall Brewery.  Checkout the other options on the brat list next time you’re in.  A great option with summer right around the corner.