Minnesota Beer Ice Cream

While beer is awesome to drink, that doesn’t have to be the only way you consume it.  It can be used in cooking, baking, and even making delicious frozen desserts like this ice cream.  Two local Twin Cities ice cream makers have taken local Minnesota brews and used them in making delicious ice cream flavors.

Izzy’s Ice Cream is made with Summit Oatmeal Stoutand offers a wonderful creamy texture.  The smoothness of the oatmeal stout mingles wonderfully with smooth creamy ice cream adding notes of chocolate and a slight roast.  This ice cream is sweeter than the Sweet Science offering and while it has plenty of flavor imparted by the beer, it’s a bit more mellow than the Sweet Science offering.

Sweet Science is a newer creamery and has a lineup of killer flavor combos.  The StOc Stout Oat Crunch has pieces of steel cut oats, crunchy clusters and is made using Fulton Worthy Adversary imperial stout.  This ice cream is full of flavor and the chewy oats along with the crunchy bits are very satisfying.  This one is full of flavor and the beer offers a more bitter and fuller flavor than that found in the Izzy’s offering.

Adding beer in places other than just your drinking glass is a great way to enjoy our favorite beverage even more.  Making it into a delicious dessert is sure to go over well with most everyone.  With beer in your ice cream, you can get even more creative with your beer pairings.  How about a beer ice cream float in your favorite beer?

Izzy’s Ice Cream Summit Oatmeal Stout is available from time to time at their stores in both Minneapolis and St. Paul and by the pint at grocery stores such as Whole Foods and Lunds.  Sweet Science StOc is available from Sweet Science at the farmers markets they frequent and Verdant Tea.  Check their website for more information on where to buy.