Tulip glass of beer next to a bottle of Firestone Walker Brewing Cherry Parabola 2022.

Over the years, Firestone Walker Brewing has expanded the horizons of Parabola, their amazing barrel-aged imperial stout. With their recent Parabola pack, they’ve adjusted some barrels and made some additions. Cherry Parabola is the latest iteration of their well-known imperial stout.

Cherry Parabola

Exclusive to members of the Brew Master’s Collection 2022, just 150 cases of Cherry Parabola were produced. It’s a great addition to the Parabola family, with the beer being aged on fresh cherries in brandy barrels, then getting another infusion of fresh cherries before bottling.

The deep black brew pours from the bottle and fills the glass. A finger of foam forms, with tight light-brown bubbles that slowly settle and leave no sign on the walls of the glass. A ring of foam remains around the edge of the snifter.

Sweet and tart cherry in the nose, mixed with milk chocolate, lightly roasted coffee, and vanilla. Notes of brandy come through nicely.

Big roasty imperial stout slides across the tongue and lightly fizzes on it, releasing flavors of chocolate and lightly sweet cherries. The cherry flavor becomes more prominent as the beer warms, with maraschino cherry becoming bigger as the sweetness grows. There’s a bit of almond nuttiness in there too, mingling with the brandy barrel character. Light sweet vanilla comes through in the aftertaste.

The Cherry On Top

The ongoing evolution of many long-serving beers has been great to see from breweries across the country. Taking their staple imperial stouts and infusing them with new inspiration. Firestone Walker Brewing did just that with Cherry Parabola and it turned out wonderful.

The only way to get this brew was as a member of the 2022 Brewmaster’s Collective. Learn more about the club and find out how you can get access to exclusive beers and special releases all year long.