Fair State Coop & Barrel Theory Mr. Falcon

Put two of Minnesota’s best brewers together and you know you’re going to get something special. This twosome is known for their brewing badassery, so it should be no shock that the Fair State Coop and Barrel Theory collaboration Mr. Falcon is fantastic.

Meet Mr. Falcon

When it comes to hazy IPA street cred, these two have it covered. From Barrel Theory with their Rain Drops, Shooter McGavin, Boat Shoes, and more, killing it, to Fair State Coop with Mirror Universe, Spirit Foul, and others crushing it, they’ve certainly shown their ability to brew the style (and any other beer style too).

Available exclusively at Zipp’s Liquor in Minneapolis in 4-packs of tallboy cans, and a limited amount to crowlers out of the Fair State Coop taproom in NE Minneapolis, Mr. Falcon is a double dry-hopped IPA packing a big hop punch.

Citra, Strata, and Simcoe Cryo hops are kings of the castle here. Simcoe has long been a favorite but appears in cryo-hop form here (do some of you still pickup cat-piss aroma even in the cryo-hop equivalent?). Citra has become one of the hop-head hits in recent years, and Strata is a recent darling of many, after being first bred in 2009. Wow, do they make a combo.

You can smell the juiciness from the start. Smooth tropical aromas, light peach, mango, and crushed ripe pineapple.

Take a sip and you’re about to get bowled over. Suddenly, this silky-smooth brew hit with a hogshead of hops (sorry, it’s not literally 54 imperial gallons but just know it’s a lot of hop flavor). Tropical abundance with ripe pineapple, light mango, touch of tangerine, and a bit of marijuana green.

The mouthfeel is silly smooth. These two really have the water profile dialed in to be able to create that NE-style smoothness, haze, hops, and delicious drinkability.


Did you read what I wrote above? What’s not to love? The Barrel Theory boys and Fair State folks collaborated to bring about a delicious drink that any hop head would go head-over-heels for. They certainly succeeded. I’ll have another please. Keep ’em comin!