Crowler of Fair State Co-op Triple Universe Hazy TIPA next to a large snifter glass filled with hazy beer.

The universe continues to grow, and so does the Mirror Universe. Fair State Co-op took their hazy IPA to new horizons with the release of Double Universe. It continues to grow with the expansion to Triple Universe hazy TIPA.

Triple Universe

Mirror Universe hazy IPA already offers plenty of hop-haze but Fair State Co-op decided to throw caution to the cosmic winds and crank it to levels the universe may not be ready for. Amped up to over 10% ABV and utilizing nearly double the standard hop rates, we’re only hoping these crowlers don’t go supernova.

It pours an opaque deep golden copper with a frothy white head that piles high. With time the foam falls and leaves little mounds floating atop the beer and a bit of delicate lace decorating the walls of the glass.

Fruity tropical aromas bring big notes of juicy mango, papaya, stone fruit, over-ripe pineapple, and sweet citrus. There’s certainly plenty of malt holding up that huge hop bill, with some sweetness coming through from it also.

Tropical fruit flows through the mouth, with big pineapple, stone fruit, sweet citrus, and juicy fruit flavor. While not chewy in the sense some beers are often described, this one feels like you could bite into the thick fruit flavor here. Citra, El Dorado, Mosaic, & Mosaic Cryo hops are crammed in, in silly quantities.

When you turn the hops up this much, you’ve got to balance them with equal malt amplification, or you’re in for a bad time. The problem is that it usually results in sickeningly sweet levels of malt, and syrupy consistency. Triple Universe has none of that, despite the huge malt and hop load.

Explore The Universe

Triple IPAs aren’t usually my jam. Far too often the malt is overly sweet and a muddled mess of hops. Triple Universe is everything a TIPA should be. Over the top hop aroma and flavor, yet it manages to maintain a sense of balance. It’s fairly easy to drink despite the intense levels of hop and malt in the mix.

Get to the Fair State Co-op taproom now to explore the Triple Universe on tap and take a couple of crowlers home. It’ll expand your event horizon.