Snifter glass of beer sitting next to a can of Fair State Co-op & Pinthouse Pizza Art & Agriculture Hazy IPA.

There are a lot of similarities between NE Minneapolis and Austin, TX. Both have awesome craft beer scenes. Both of us are areas where housing prices are going through the roof because everyone wants to live here. And both once had Niko.

Pinthouse Pizza in Austin got together with Fair State Co-op in NE Minneapolis and created a killer collaboration that pays homage to both beautiful beer spots. We certainly both have Art & Agriculture.

Art & Agriculture

The head brewer at Fair State lived in Austin for quite some time and made some amazing friends. Those of us in Minneapolis have been lucky enough to not only benefit from those friendships but also from numerous amazing collaboration beers with Austin brewers. Art & Agriculture with Pinthouse Pizza is the latest of those lovelies.

This hazy IPA pours a thick hazy straw yellow with a frothy white head of foam. The bubbles settle with time but a nice cap remains atop the brew and lacing paints every bit of the walls of the snifter.

Huge juicy pineapple, apricot, and bubble gum fill the nose. It’s a tropical fruit party, so sweet, with just a hint of bitter grapefruit grab in the back.

Malt is a bit upfront in this hazy brew. It’s full-bodied and balancing with just a bit of sweetness and silkiness before hops take the show.

As one would expect, this hazy IPA lets the hops shine without the bitterness bashing its way in. Tropical tastes of sweet orange, Juicy Fruit gum, mango, papaya, and over-ripe pineapple own the show here. That initial malt sweetness helps to balance all these fruity notes and makes it so damn drinkable.

Juicy tropical fruit squeezes out and slides into the aftertaste on the back of the tongue. It’s jucy greatness in a glass.

Cool Collaborations

Collaboration beers come together all the time. Often we give too much credence to them, believing that whenever two good brewers come together it becomes better. But the reality is that’s rarely true. This collaboration is one of the few that truly shines in the sea of hazy IPA action. Pinthouse and Fair State have crafted a unique and wonderful balance of huge hops and modest malts that break through the typical boring collaboration boundaries.

Enhance yourself with a bit of Art & Agriculture from Pinthouse Pizza and Fair State Co-op I. Liquor stores now or the Fair State taproom. It a wonderful medley from two terrific breweries.