Fair State Co-op Juice Is An All Day Beverage

Collaboration beers are very cool but in this time of social-distancing they’ve become more difficult. Fair State Co-op and Collaborate From—Home has overcome that, but getting brewers together online, and creating some killer stuff. With beers that are loosely ‘based at home themed’, Juice Is An All Day Beverage is the first fine collaboration.

Juice Is An All Day Beverage

The name is certainly true. When can’t you drink juice? In the morning with breakfast, or in your hazy IPAs all afternoon and night? The brewers at Fair State Co-op, Modist Brewing, BlackStack Brewing, and Forager Brewery got together and came up with Juice Is An All Day Beverage, a double dry-hopped double IPA with grapefruit, lime, and vanilla.

It pours the color of filtered organic orange juice, with a lighter golden kick. The foam fizzes hard and settles pretty fast, leaving no real lacing on the glass.

Inhale and you find tons of pineapple, mango, and papaya citrus aroma. Lime acidity and vanilla creaminess come through in the back of the throat.

Holy big citrus. It’s a mixed citrus blends upfront, with some acidic bitterness coming in and then a touch of sharp lime, right before vanilla smooths it all out with a creamy hit that’s leaves an interesting battle of citric lime and vanilla cream in the back of your mouth.

It’s a cool juxtaposition of aggressive citric acid with smooth vanilla. But one doesn’t overtake the other. Instead, they both bark at the same time, and it ends a bit like you’ve taken a drink of grapefruit juice with those other flavors in the background.

Wheeze The Juice

A tropical cocktail in the nose and on the tongue, Juice Is An All Day Beverage makes us feel it’s fine to drink anytime. It’s a crazy mix of flavors that play wonderfully together in these less-than wonderful crazy times.

Grab a crowler at Fair State Co-op and raise a pint with all of these wonderful breweries collaborating, even in a time we can’t be physically together.