Glass of dark beer next to a can of Fair State Co-op Heckin' Chonker.

Winter weather calls for big beer and big naps. When cold weather comes, it’s time to snuggle up with something that’ll keep ya warm and bring on a mid-day nap. Fair State Co-op Heckin’ Chonker is just the thing to help get you through the season.

Heckin’ Chonker

Big beer is a requirement to survive the Minnesota winters, so Fair State Co-op has again brought back that Heckin’ Chonker. This fat cat is 12% of bourbon barrel-aged imperial stout, with vanilla. It’s just the thing you need to make it through.

It pours a viscous jet-black with a big frothy deep-brown head atop. The foam slowly settles and leaves a bit of wispy lacing on the walls of the snifter.

Sweet vanilla, cream, and roasty chocolate malt aroma mingle with a light barrel-aged oak note. There’s just a distant hint of alcohol in the nose too.

Big sticky malt fills the mouth and coats everything in a sweet oily layer. Roasty dark chocolate is everywhere, with notes of caramel, toffee, and just a hint of coffee too. Vanilla mixes with a light bit of barrel character. A touch of oak, a hint of alcohol.

Chonky Boy

Big and beautiful, this beer is much like the fat-cat it’s named for. Big, a little fluffy, and leaves you with a fuzzy feeling after each interaction.

Grab some cans at your local liquor store or head to the Fair State Co-op taproom for a pour and a crowler of Heckin’ Chonker to go. Then find a place for a warm winter nap and enjoy.

Can of Fair State Co-op Heckin' Chonker laying on a wood table.