Glass of beer sitting next to a can of Fair State Co-op Fest Bier.

It seems this season comes quicker every year. The folks at Fair State Co-op held off longer than many and their Fest Bier drinks lighter than your typical Oktoberfest. it’s full-flavored without the filling.

Fest Bier

From can to glass it pours a wonderfully clear golden copper with a tight bubbly white head forming on top. With time the foam settles and leaves sticky lacing clinging to the walls of the glass.

Sweet golden malt with a wonderful toastiness and biscuit character. There’s a hint of caramel and just a touch of toffee.

Malt is the star here (as it should be). Rich golden grains bring notes of light caramel and biscuits. There are tasty toasty notes tango with a nice bit of sweetness which dries into the aftertaste.

The color is a bit deeper and malt body bigger than the typical fest bier but this one is labeled a “German-style Party Lager” so it’s understandable. At 5.7% ABV, it does fall in line with other beers of the style. Throw it in a stein and you’ll be able to crush mug after mug.

Let’s Get Fest-ive

Summer may be coming to an end but we’ve still got plenty of time before the snowfalls. As autumn arrives, so do the fest beers with bigger malt bodies and plenty of flavorful fun.

Pick up a couple of packs of Fair State Co-op Fest Bier and raise a mug or two as we celebrate seasonal change. Prost!