Fair State Co-op & Barrel Theory Brewing Soft Pants

Summer is gone but there’s still plenty to look forward to. While warm weather is behind us, the snuggly season is here. Throw on the warm-wear and snuggle in. It’s even better with a good beverage. Fair State Co-op and Barrel Theory Brewing got together to create Soft Pants, a wood-aged pastry stout with vanilla. Perfect for the cold to come.

Soft Pants

While we may be experiencing record warm weather here in Minnesota, we’d be foolish to think that winter is far away. The cold is coming, and it’s time to prepare. To make it through the cool months, local breweries supply us with plenty of stout to sustain ourselves. Soft Pants is a wood-aged pastry stout with vanilla, from the brilliant brewers of Fair State Co-op and Barrel Theory Brewing.

This brew pours a thick and viscous jet-black with a small deep-brown head atop. The bubbles quickly settle, leaving a ring of light brown around the edge as you imbibe.

Like any cold-weather gear, this one is best when warm. It’s filled with the aroma of French toast, touches of light cinnamon, vanilla, and a dash of oak.

Silly smooth and silky, Soft Pants slides across the tongue, just like putting on your favorite house-pants. Creamy chocolate, a bit of roasted malt bitterness that’s quickly rounded out by the sweet vanilla notes. Cinnamon Toast Crunch comes through with light and intermingled spice, followed by exotic wood notes as we slide into wonderful warmth at the end. The sweetness is nicely balanced and the 12.0% ABV is well hidden.

Snuggle Up

Summer may be gone, but stout season is here (it’s always stout season). This collaboration pairs the luscious layers of pastry stout with exotic wood notes for soft, smooth, and satisfying stout action. Fair State Co-op and Barrel Theory Brewing certainly prepare us for the cold with something oh-so-comfortable.

Grab a couple of cans of Fair State Co-op and Barrel Theory Brewing Soft Pants wood-aged pastry stout with vanilla and get comfy with some serious flavor wear.