Fair State Brewing Co-op Double Mirror Universe

We love the hop and haze. Craft beer drinkers taste has moved from the tongue-stripping and bitter to soft and fruity. West-Coast IPA to hazy. Fair State Brewing Co-op Mirror Universe brings those brilliant flavors, and for their 5th anniversary they doubled the action with Double Mirror Universe.

Double Mirror Universe

Half a century is a big deal to celebrate and Fair State Brewing Co-op did it with an amazing party at their NE Minneapolis taproom, along with a number of delicious offerings, like Double Mirror Universe.

Pouring a golden straw-yellow with a hefty-haze and a fluffy white foam atop, it slowly settles and leaves plenty of sticky lacing in its wake.

The nose is filled with tropical fruit, notes of mango and a hint of apricot. From the aroma alone, you can tell it’s going to be soft on the tongue (though that may seem strange).

Wheat and oats give this beer a super-soft mouthfeel, with a slight bit of creaminess before the hops quickly take center-stage. Citra, Mosaic, and El Dorado hops come in big doses. Tropical fruit fun with touches of ripe pineapple, mango, and apricot. Big double dry-hopped dosing, with no bitterness in sight.

Universe Of Flavor

The craft beer trend of doubling everything and believing it makes it better doesn’t hold up. Generally the resulting brew doesn’t out-do the original but in the case of Double Mirror Universe this one is an exception. It’s filled with huge fruit flavors and a note of raw green not found in the original.

Double down and go big with this hazy happiness in a glass. It’s sure to satisfy the fruity hop hankering you have.

Fair State Brewing Co-op Double Mirror UniverseMug