Fair State Brewing Co-op Circles Of Confusion

We seek Clarity Of Purpose, experience Clouding Of Consciousness, and now find ourselves in Circles Of Confusion from Fair State Brewing Co-op.

Circles Of Confusion

It’s all a bit hazy. In fact, they’ve all been. The beers to get here have all been double dry-hopped IPA action with similar plays on the hop lineup but different in their own right. Fair State Brewing Co-op Circles Of Confusion amps things up.

With so much haziness spinning us around, it becomes hard to see where we’ve been, but Circles Of Confusion makes some things clear.

Pouring a hazy golden yellow with a fluffy white top of foam, the bubbles slowly settle and leave the walls of the glass coated in a sticky lace.

Topical fruit rules the nose, with notes of ripe mango and apricot standing out from the rest, along with a light hint of lemon.

The malt body is light, while it’s quickly overtaken by the big hop presence of this DDH DIPA. Citra, Mosaic, and Denali hops bring bright flavors of fruity mango, ripe pineapple, and a touch of tropical fun. Malt balance is there, but barely noticeable until the aftertaste, where the fruitiness lives on, and malt continues to play only a supporting-role.

Continuing A Wonderful Journey

It’s been enjoyable thus-far to see where this Fair State journey through the haze takes us. While we may not know where we’re going, the ride has been great all along the way. Circles Of Confusion is a delicious double dry-hopped double IPA that shows why people are so big on the haze craze.

Grab a glass and see where it takes you.