Glass of reddish beer next to a can of Eagle Park Brewing Major Tom Milkshake IPA.

Milkshake IPAs can be a beautiful balance between sweet and hoppy hits. But it’s a sharp balance to strike. Eagle Park Brewing does it wonderfully with all their milkshake IPA offerings. Major Tom Milkshake IPA is their best known and it’s crushingly good.

Major Tom Milkshake IPA

It pours a hazy healthy light strawberry red with a thick head of reddish-white froth atop. The foam settles with time and leaves a splattering of lace clinging to the walls of the glass.

Big strawberries and cream abundance on the nose. There are other notes of fresh fruit in the distance, with a touch of deeper berries mingled in with the vanilla bean.

One sip and you’re overcome by the super creamy vanilla bean bliss. Strawberries drop in fresh from the bush and balance the vanilla sweetness wonderfully. It’s still very sweet, but balanced enough to not overpower the palate. The mouthfeel is so soft and creamy, it’s certainly a dessert but doesn’t kill the drinker with sugar sweetness.

There’s a tartness to the strawberries that do a wonderful job of cutting through the sweetness at the very end and make it easy to drink in quick sip succession.

Milkshake Magic

The fine folks at Eagle Park Brewing are excellent at making wonderful milkshake IPA action. It’s full of fruit flavor while retaining the IPA portion of the offering.

Grab some cans of Eagle Park Brewing Major Tom Milkshake IPA and settle up with some sweet and creamy strawberry. It’s sitting in a tin can and you’ve certainly made the grade.