Drekker Brewing King Of The Thing

The label artwork on Drekker Brewing cans may be the first thing that attracts many to them, but the beer inside is what keeps us coming back. The problem becomes, which crazy cans do you choose? King Of The Thing Double India Pale Ale is one of those random purchases that really pays off.

King Of The Thing

This shouldn’t sound like the cans are the only thing that sell this stuff. Drekker Brewing has a long history of making killer hazy hopped brews. They just make so many that sometimes I’m uneducated as to what each has to offer. The cans do feature the ingredients inside (malt, hops, gimmicks, and more) but even with that great profile it can be hard to tell what you’ll actually be tasting. So I grabbed King Of The Thing and headed home for happy hour. It was quite a happy purchase.

Pouring a deep hazy golden yellow with a foamy off-white bubbly head atop, it looks like the juice bomb many are in search of.

Hazy juice nose of pulp citrus fruit, with tons of pineapple, orange, and a hint of grapefruit hit.

It’s the juice bomb so many crave. Soft and hazy wheat and spelt offer a super smooth base for tons of hazy citrus tastes. Ripe crushed pineapple, orange juice, and a bit of grapefruit (without the acidic bite) trample across the tongue. Juicy flavor hits and then ends up fairly dry, with a touch of tropical fruit into the aftertaste.

This beer features all Citra hops and displays them wonderfully. It showcases the versatility in this variety, and while some may dispatch it for being single-sided, Citra has the ability to present citrus notes across the board, depending on brew. This beer shows one of those awesome sides of it.

The Mogul Of Haze

We get it, there are TONS of hazy hop offerings in the market right now. But we also know that few are really great. Sadly, so many make them but few make them well. Drekker Brewing continues to crush it when it comes to hop haziness. King Of The Thing showcases the killer abilities of Citra hops and this wonderful brewery that’s almost in Minnesota.

Grab a couple cans of Drekker Brewing King Of The Thing and inhale all that is awesome about hazy citrus hop happiness. As they say in Army Of Darkness, “Hail to the king, baby.”