Glass of beer sitting next to a can of Drekker Brewing & Electric Brewing Operation: Magical DDH Double IPA.

We live for magical moments. Do they happen by happenstance, or can they be created? Drekker Brewing got together with Electric Brewing and created Operation: Magical. Does the double dry-hopped double IPA crafts an enchanted spell? Let’s see.

Operation: Magical

Divinely doctored with pale two-row, oats, spelt and then hit with hazy additions of Galaxy, Citra & Strata hops, Operation: Magical is a beautiful bag of tricks.

Pouring a hazy straw-yellow, there’s a frothy white head that quickly settles. No lacing and no sign of any previous existence.

It’s filled with fruity aromas. Pineapple, bubble gum, and sweet papaya fill the nose with lovely lingering fruit.

Smooth oats and spelt build a nice malt balance to the double dry-hopping. Creamy, slightly sweet, and then drying nicely. Sweet juicy pineapple, light mango, berry, and then creamy malt mouthfeel.

For My Next Trick

So did they pull off enchantment? Certainly. This brew is stuffed with hazy hop action that enchants the tongue and marvels the nose.

Grab some cans of Drekker Brewing & Electric Brewing Operation: Magical now and get a mouthful of magic.