Pint glass of beer next to a crowler of Dangerous Man Brewing & Arbeiter Brewing Over Under Helles.

When hot weather hits, there’s nothing better than a hoppy light lager to wet the whistle. Dangerous Man Brewing and Arbeiter Brewing know that which is why they got together to craft Over Under Helles for your summer drinking pleasure.

Over Under Helles

Collaboration beers are an excellent opportunity to try something new, which is why Over Under Helles uses the Japanese dip hopping technique to impart hop aroma without unwanted byproducts.

Pours a clean and clear golden straw with a fluffy white head piling on top. With time the foam settles and leaves just a bit still clinging to the glass.

It smells of clean warm grain with just a touch of sweetness and a touch of herbal hop aroma.

The light malty body hits the tongue with a very light sweetness and a touch of biscuity bread. Hops impart a nice touch of sharp crispiness and it’s nice and dry into the finish.

Under The Influence

Over Under Helles is a light and lovely collaboration, killer crushable in the sweltering summertime heat.

Pop by Dangerous Man for a pint and be sure to grab a crowler to share with friends (might want to get a few).