Snifter glass of beer and a bottle of Central Waters Brewing Pecan Kringle Stout.

Few know imperial stout action better than Central Waters Brewing. Their barrel-aged beers are some of the best in existence. One of their newer variants is their Pecan Kringle Stout, a classic Wisconsin pastry in liquid form and barrel-aged.

Pecan Kringle Stout

A pecan kringle is a flaky pastry filled with pecans, brown sugar, cinnamon, and then topped with creamy vanilla icing. Central Waters captured all the pastry action in this imperial stout aged in bourbon barrels.

It pours a deep black-brown with a small dark brown head that bubbles away and leaves no lacing, just a small ring of foam around the top of the brew.

Rich roasty malt and sweet caramel mix with pleasant pecans, creamy vanilla, and sweet bourbon. There’s a light cinnamon and brown sugar spice to it too.

Smooth toffee malt and light caramel mingle in the mouth. Nutty pecan, strong cinnamon spice, lightly burnt brown sugar, and creamy vanilla smooth things nicely. The sweet nice is nice but not overpowering. Sweet bourbon comes in as the aftertaste arrives, with sweetness and spice, along with a boozy note.

Lovely large mouthfeel but not overfilling. 12.3% ABV doesn’t make itself known. The alcohol spice is from the bourbon barrels rather than the beer’s alcoholic backbone. It’s a lovely easy-drinking dessert in a bottle.

Dessert Time

Central Waters Brewing crushes it when it comes to barrel-aged brews. This drinkable dessert is no different. It’s pecans, cinnamon, brown sugar, and creamy vanilla with a bourbon pour-over. To be honest, it’s better than the kringle it set out to imitate.

Grab some Central Waters Brewing Pecan Kringle Stout and enjoy a Wisconsin classic, from a classic Wisconsin brewery.