Central Waters Brewing Call Me Old Fashioned

An Old Fashioned is a classic cocktail, cherished by drinkers of all discretions. But like many things, they do it different in Wisconsin, where they substitute the standard whiskey for brandy. Central Waters Brewing Call Me Old Fashioned took that Wisconsin tradition and created it in beer-form. Here’s how.

Call Me Old Fashioned

Central Waters Brewing is no stranger to barrel-aged beer. They make some of the best around. To create a beer cocktail, they aged an imperial red ale with cherries and a touch bitters, in brandy, bourbon, and orange curaçao barrels. The result, is a wonderful take on that Wisconsin classic. Call Me Old Fashioned.

It pours a deep mahogany, with a bit more haze than you might find in the cocktail it mimics. A small bubbly head of light brown dissipates quickly, and leaves no sign of lacing.

The nose is full of bright cherries, orange peel, and sweet brandy and bourbon notes. It’s a spirit-heavy aroma, for sure.

Sweet cherries and orange mingle as if muddled together, with a strong malty body. Brandy and bourbon come through next, with touches of oak and a clear spirit-forward flavor. The 12% ABV can’t hide, and makes this a true cocktail, with just a bit of heat on the aftertaste. Things dry out in the end, with cherry fading out after each sip.

Better Than The Wisconsin Original

If I’m honest, the Wisconsin take on an Old Fashioned is a bad bastardization of classic cocktail perfection that never seems to find the right balance. This version from Central Waters is far better than the drink it seeks to mimic. Much more drinkable and better balanced than any I’ve had at countless Wisconsin cocktail lounges and supper clubs.

If you’re a classic cocktail fan or a Wisconsinite, you should seek out this tasty treat. It’s a very cool exploration of beer replacing mixed drink. Grab a 4-pack of Call Me Old Fashioned from Central Waters Brewing and pour a glass of Wisconsin classic, that needs no mixing.