Brau Brothers Brewing Hopsession Super Pale Ale

So many of us love hoppy brews.  The problem becomes enjoying a number of them without wrecking our palate.  While many hop bombs offer up big IBUs and alcohol percentages, some wonderful session beers offer the hop kick we’re looking for without the huge alcohol that would prevent most from enjoying more than a few.  Brau Brothers Brewing Hopsession Super Pale Ale is a wonderful hoppy session ale that can be enjoyed bottle after bottle.

Session beers offer the flavor and aroma we’re looking for along with a lighter alcohol content allowing the imbiber to enjoy a number of brews in a drinking session.  Weighing in at 4.2% with 30 IBUs, Hopsession Super Pale Ale was designed to offer all the flavor and aroma of an IPA without the exaggerated alcohol content.  Brau Brothers added plenty of late-addition hops that impart a great blend of citrus, pineapple, pine, and a touch of mango in the aroma.  Theres a light residual sweetness along with plenty of great hop character in each sip.

Session beers are just starting to become more prominent in American beer culture.  They’re great beers that can be enjoyed again and again in a night without the painful side effects in the morning.  Grab yourself a 6-pack or two of Hopsession and have your own drinking session without wrecking your palate or falling down drunk.