Glass full of beer sitting next to a can of BlackStack Brewing Wire Transfer DDH DIPA on a table.

Yo, pass that over here! BlackStack Brewing just dropped another dope dime with the fine folks at Randy’s Wired. Wire Transfer is another huge hit that’s sure to please.

Wire Transfer

As a grade-A follow-up to their first collaboration, BlackStack Brewing has packed Wire Transfer with Strate, Cashmere, Equanot Cryo, & Mosaic Cryo hops. Here’s a look at this heavy lupulin hit.

It fills the glass with golden-copper liquid and a frothy white head. The foam settles and leaves some sticky lacing in its wake.

No dank here. It’s all smooth tropical fruit aroma. Sweet pineapple, strawberry, juicy bubblegum, mango, and a touch of sweet orange all up in the nose.

Take a tasty hit and huge strawberry, pineapple, and mango fill the mouth. The big and juicy hop flavor is fresh and fruity. There’s a decent malt backbone to balance those heavy hops.

Have Another Hit

Randy’s Wired has long been the preferred paper for those looking to share (or not burn their fingers). In the same way, Wire Transfer is great for sharing or single-handedly sucking down yourself.

Grab a sack full of BlackStack Brewing Wire Transfer and enjoy a chill evening heavy hop flavor. Be sure to chill it before you chill yourself.