Forget the Fyre Festival flop, when the boys from BlackStack Brewing pair up with the talkative twosome from The Private Sector, you know it’s not gonna be a failure. This pair produced Straight Fyre, a double dry-hopped double IPA that’s smashin’ action.

Straight Fyre

If you haven’t heard, The Private Sector is an awesome podcast featuring all things fun in life. Eat, drink, and other debauchery are explored with a laid-back and carefree attitude by Brett Splinter and Joshua Clark. In addition to hosting casual conversations, they’ve started slinging amazing smash burgers to raise money for wonderful causes throughout the pandemic.

The Private Sector paired up with the BlackStack Brewing crew to create a killer collaboration, called exactly what it is.

Straight Fyre pours a hazy light yellow, with a bubbly white head of tiny bubbles. With time the foam settles, leaving just a ring around the edge of the glass, and some wispy lace clinging to the walls of the snifter.

Take a sniff and you’re hit hard with tropical fruit. Melon, papaya, juicy pineapple, and a touch of bubblegum all come through in this nostril cocktail.

Smooth juice slides across the tongue, where the tropical fruit festival continues. Juicy mango, crushed pineapple, passionfruit, and a dab of sweet peach prance on the palate. A double dry-hopping of hand-selected Citra, Citra Cryo, & Australian Galaxy brings big and beautiful fruit, with absolutely no bitterness. At 8.8% ABV, it’s a sneaky slammer.

Tuned In & Turnt Up

The Private Sector is entertaining as heck and spreading a ton of good through charitable fundraising while filling us full of fantastic smashed burgers. Subscribe to their podcast and follow them on social media to see where the next popup will be. Then signup and go support a great cause, while crushing beer and burger action.

BlackStack Brewing and The Private Sector certainly smashed it with Straight Fyre DDH DIPA. It’s a delicious double IPA filled with fruity fun. Cop some cans now. It’s the best thing to wash down a badass burger.

Beer glass and can of Straight Fyre, a double dry-hopped double IPA collaboration of BlackStack Brewing and The Private Sector podcast.