Glass of beer next to a can of BlackStack Brewing Stacking Cash DDH TIPA sitting on a table.

Awesome beer is money, worth its weight in gold. When two heavyweights get together, you know their combined creation will be killer. BlackStack Brewing and J. Wakefield Brewing collaborated and the result is Stacking Cash DDH TIPA. Money.

Stacking Cash

A huge double dry-hopped triple IPA, Stacking Cash is stacked with piles of Cashmere, Strata, Cashmere, Mosaic, Cashmere Cryo, Talus, and got good measures, some extra Cashmere hops. Here’s the payday.

Cash flows from can to cup in yellow straw liquidity. Bubbly off-white foam forms and then recedes, leaving no sign of its former existence.

The aroma is all Cashmere. Snuggly and comfy, it’s full of bubblegum and tropical fruit. Orange marmalade, over-ripe crushed pineapple, mango, and papaya bathe the sinus.

Here’s the money shot. Soft Cashmere hops wrap the tongue in juicy flavor. Sweet pineapple, soft orange, Juicy Fruit bubblegum, and fuzzy warm sweat peach prance on the palate.

To bankroll all those hops you need a big malt body and Stacking Cash calls that bet. It checks and balances but doesn’t outperform (as it should). 10.1% ABV is high stakes.


BlackStack Brewing and J. Wakefield Brewing bet big with this brew and it’s clear they’re playing to win. The big hop investment pays off in non-resinous residuals.

Invest your pile of pesos on BlackStack Brewing Stacking Cash. It’s a bet that’s certain to payout big.