Snifter of beer sitting next to a can of BlackStack Brewing Microdosing: Citra Once A Day IPA.

Typically hop additions are adding in bulk. Once, twice, maybe thrice throughout the brewing process. But what happens when you give them daily additions? That’s the entire premise behind BlackStack Brewing Microdosing. The beers are giving daily additions of the stated hop and allowed to shine. How’d it work out? Here’s a look.

Microdosing: Citra

Some folks swear by the benefits of microdosing, though the science doesn’t support it. Ongoing research hasn’t shown any benefits to ongoing small doses of drugs but beer and hops are much different. Does microdosing your brew bring benefits?

Hazy brilliant liquid pours into the glass and bubbly white foam forms on top. The bubbles slowly settle and leave a bit of lace painted on the walls of the snifter.

Nose into the glass and citrus is everywhere. Sweet pineapple with only a hint of bitterness, orange, grapefruit, and just a touch of melon.

Sweet citrus is in abundance in this brew. Sweet grapefruit, a touch of orange, juicy pineapple, and just a touch of sweet Meyers lemon. The malt body is as smooth as the juicy hops and balances things nicely with a bit of sweetness.

Daily Dosing

Getting a daily dose of Citra & Cryo Citra hops did this beer well. It’s full of all the aromas and flavors we associate with this hop variety. Big citrus and other fruity fun.

Grab some BlackStack Brewing Microdosing: Citra and explore a single-hopped look at this lovely lupulin imparts.