BlackStack Brewing Medium Rare Double IPA

Everyone has their favorite way to prepare it, but anyone with proper taste knows that you’ve gotta make it medium rare. BlackStack Brewing Medium Rare Double IPA is the proper way to serve it up and does so delightfully.

Medium Rare Double IPA

The boys at BlackStack Brewing know just how to sear for success. Medium Rare Double IPA is kissed with a killer combo of hops to make this double IPA bring a big fruity combo, with a good malt balance, while still letting the start shine. It’s grilling time, gorgeous.

Pouring a beautiful golden pineapple yellow with a bubbly white head atop, haze-heads can already tell that this one will be just what their tastebuds want.

Huge juicy pineapple and ripe mango aroma. A kick of tropical citrus and juicy fruit navigate the nasal passage and cause your tongue to drip, just as much as the juicy hops this beer holds.

Like biting into a pineapple and mango hybrid. Those two flavors are huge. Mosaic, Sabro, & Idaho 7 hops are a killer combo of delicious hop hits. Bubble gum and a light berry in the aftertaste. Super juicy and silky smooth. No bitterness.

Cooked To Perfection

A delicious delight of fruity hop heroics, BlackStack Brewing Medium Rare Double IPA is perfectly seared sizzle. Hazy hop happiness that’s sure to leave a smile on your face, seconds are required.

Get BlackStack Brewing Medium Rare Double IPA while you can. Like the cuts at the best barbecues, the cut is sure to go fast. Get the proper sear and sip or slam it, because this one is cooked to perfection!