BlackStack Brewing Leopard Print

Can something be tacky but also tasty? Leopard print can go either way. Aunt Denise or jaw-dropping, it’s a pattern that depends on the setting (and how hard-stretched). BlackStack Brewing Leopard Print is the awesomeness of this often-abused pattern.

Leopard Print

Class or trash; what’s your take on leopard print? BlackStack Brewing imbued this brew with a killer combo of hop hits. Perfectly printed, this beer is a pleasure.

Pouring a golden yellow with frothy foam atop, which slowly settles and leaves no sign of lacing in its wake.

Nose of sweet citrus, with ripe and acidic pineapple, mango, grapefruit, and a touch of bubblegum, it’s certainly sweeter than a lycra leotard.

Mix and mingle of Strata, Mosaic Cryo, & El Dorado in a double dry-hopped dose, this double IPA is packed with stunning citrus flavor. Juicy crushed pineapple, mountains of mango, and plenty of papaya. A bit of citrusy grapefruit and orange, with just a touch of bite on the very end, it’s a hazy hop beauty, no matter your position on the pattern.

That’s Not A Misprint

Guys, put the leopard print thong away and save it for another day. BlackStack Leopard Print is far prettier than anything you strap around your silly spot. It’s packed with fruity hop happiness, and brings far more joy than anything you’re packing in the pants.

Don’t let Aunt Gertrude know you’re not down with her cool couch pattern. Instead, crush some of these cans. BlackStack Brewing Leopard Print is slapping hop sipping, far better than any Spandex®.