Can of BlackStack Brewing Jack Moves TIPA next to a glass of beer with a foamy head.

It’s good to have friends. It’s even better when those friends love beer and own a liquor store. To celebrate the first anniversary of Jack’s Bottle Shop in Rochester, MN, the folks at BlackStack Brewing created Jack Moves, a huge triple IPA toasting their friend Jack and his shop.

Jack Moves

The Merchants of Murk, BlackStack is certainly known for their heavy hazy hitters. This celebration brew is filled with Michigan Chinook & Strata hops, along with a 10.1% ABV that packs a big celebration for Jack’s Bottle Shop and their anniversary.

Golden yellow-straw-colored liquid fills the goblet and a bubbly shite head appears. The foam slowly settles and leaves behind just a bit of lacing in its wake.

Huge tropical fruit aromas fill the nostrils with sweet papaya, mango, and grapefruit. There’s a touch of white peach and just a hint of bubblegum.

Sweet orange and grapefruit citrus pour into the mouth, with ripe mango and light stone fruit right behind. The body is big, attempting to balance the huge hop presence. While the 10.1% doesn’t make itself known in alcohol burn, you’re certainly keyed in by the over-the-top hop and malt bill.

I Like Your Moves

Cheers to Jack and his bottle shop. In the same way, we’re seeing craft breweries popping up everywhere, we’re also seeing liquor stores carrying great products in places you traditionally found just macro beer and Wild Turkey before. It’s awesome to see.

Here’s to great friends selling great beer. Grab some Jack Moves at BlackStack Brewing, or better yet, head down to Jack’s Bottle Shop in Rochester and support them by picking up a 4-pack or few.