Can of BlackStack Brewing Hop Circles: Exhibit B sitting next to a glass filled with the beer.

The endless experimentation of craft beer is one of the things that make it so exciting to continue exploring. BlackStack Brewing has crafted experimental awesomeness with Hop Circles: Exhibit B.

Hop Circles: Exhibit B

Yakima Chief Hops continues to push boundaries by developing new hop blends designed to create specific flavors and aromas. BlackStack got to test a new experimental blend. Here’s how it turned out.

It pours a cloudy golden yellow, with a frothy white head sitting atop the brew. With time the foam settles and a bit of sticky lace remains.

Big pineapple and citrus aromas here. Ripe crushed fruit invades the nostrils, with a touch of mango and papaya in there too. There’s a note of fresh berry on the end.

Rich fresh juice squeezes across the tongue with sweet crushed pineapple cups coming to mind. There’s a touch of chunky mango and sweet orange. The sweetness dries a bit and the juicy flavor sits on into the aftertaste.

X To The B

This is a great exhibit of new hop blends that surely slap the senses. The partnership between BlackStack Brewing and Yakima Chief Hops is off to a wonderful start, bringing great new flavor combinations to our local craft beers.

Check out Hop Circles: Exhibit B and be sure to watch for new releases from these hoppy two.