BlackStack Brewing & Falling Knife Brewing Chop Chop

Some collaboration you just know are going to be killer. No need to try them first, you see the collaborators, the description, and you know it’s gold. This is one of them. BlackStack Brewing and Falling Knife Brewing got together to create Chop Chop, a NE IPA packed with tons of hop hit.

Chop Chop

The first packaged product with the Falling Knife Brewing name on it, they partnered with BlackStack Brewing to produce a beer filled with Citra, Sabro Cryo, and a kick of Idaho 7 hops in the whirlpool. With plenty of spelt, it’s a creamy and cloudy collab.

Haze for daze when you pour this beer into a glass. Golden straw with a white head of fizzy-foam, it slowly settles and leaves just a touch of dancing lace on the walls of the glass.

Snort a sniff and take in a punch of pineapple. Sharp with a touch of bitterness in the nose, then dashes of mango and peach invade the aroma.

This thing is filled with tons of tropical fruit flavor. Juicy Fruit, ripe pineapple, macerated mango, and mulled melon tap-dance across the tongue. The mouthfeel is silky smooth, without any hop bitterness in sight. Sweet citrus and tropical fruit up-front, it dries out quickly and leaves just a touch of passionfruit on the aftertaste.

Killer Cut

Filled with killer hop cuts, Chop Chop is a deliciously hazy IPA filled with tropical fruit taste, from BlackStack Brewing and Falling Knife Brewing. It’s a beautiful collaboration that showcases the wonderful things both these brewers do daily.

Grab some of this tasty brew while you can and enjoy a slice of silky hop happiness in a glass. Get BlackStack and Falling Knife Chop Chop in stores now.